Police Station List【 Aichi Prefecture, Japan 】

Police station list of Aichi Pref. 【 Driver's license, Garage certificate, Etc. 】

Police Station List【 Aichi Prefecture, Japan 】
Police Station Address / Jurisdictional District Phone・Fax
Police Station

Chikusa Police Station

8-6 Kakuozandori, Chikusa Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 464-0841 Phone: 052-753-0110
Fax: 052-753-0221
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Chikusa Ku )
Police Station

Higashi Police Station

1-9-23 Tsutsui, Higashi Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 461-0003 Phone: 052-936-0110
Fax: 052-936-0115
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Higashi Ku )
Police Station

Kita Police Station

2-15-18 Tabata, Kita Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 462-0843 Phone: 052-981-0110
Fax: 052-981-2070
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Kita Ku [ Except for Nagoya Air Port Area ] )
Police Station

Nishi Police Station

3-25 Tenjinyamacho, Nishi Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 451-0065 Phone: 052-531-0110
Fax: 052-531-0190
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Nishi Ku )
Police Station

Nakamura Police Station

17-9 Tsubakicho, Nakamura Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 453-0015 Phone: 052-452-0110
Fax: 052-452-0490
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Nakamura Ku )
Police Station

Naka Police Station

2-23-18 Chiyoda, Naka Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 460-0012 Phone: 052-241-0110
Fax: 052-241-0094
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Naka Ku )
Police Station

Showa Police Station

5-11 Hirojidori, Showa Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 466-0854 Phone: 052-852-0110
Fax: 052-852-0266
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Showa Ku )
Police Station

Mizuho Police Station

2-22 Mizuhodori, Mizuho Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 467-0806 Phone: 052-842-0110
Fax: 052-842-0353
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Mizuho Ku )
Police Station

Atsuta Police Station

1-1-20 Yokota, Atsuta Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 456-0022 Phone: 052-671-0110
Fax: 052-671-0654
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Atsuta Ku )
Police Station

Nakagawa Police Station

1-4 Shinoharabashitori, Nakagawa Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 454-8522 Phone: 052-354-0110
Fax: 052-354-1855
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Nakagawa Ku )
Police Station

Minami Police Station

2-20 Terabedori, Minami Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 457-0072 Phone: 052-822-0110
Fax: 052-821-0099
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Minami Ku )
Police Station

Minato Police Station

2-4-16 Irifune, Minato Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 455-0032 Phone: 052-661-0110
Fax: 052-654-0199
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Minato Ku )
Police Station

Midori Police Station

3-20 Aoyama, Midori Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 458-0833 Phone: 052-621-0110
Fax: 052-621-1699
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Midori Ku )
Police Station

Meito Police Station

2-1009 Itakadai, Meito Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 465-8558 Phone: 052-778-0110
Fax: 052-778-1160
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Meito Ku )
Police Station

Tenpaku Police Station

1-401 Uedaminami, Tenpaku Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 468-0053 Phone: 052-802-0110
Fax: 052-805-2469
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi ( Tenpaku Ku )
Police Station

Moriyama Police Station

401 Wakitacho, Moriyama Ku, Nagoya Shi, Aichi 463-0024 Phone: 052-798-0110
Fax: 052-798-3805
【Jurisdictional District】 Nagoya Shi (Moriyama Ku), Owariasahi Shi
Police Station

Aichi Police Station

2-1-8 Shiratori, Togo Cho, Aichi Gun, Aichi 470-0155 Phone: 0561-39-0110
Fax: 0561-39-2900
【Jurisdictional District】 Toyoake Shi, Nisshin Shi, Nagakute Shi, Togo Cho
Police Station

Seto Police Station

1-2 Harayamacho, Seto Shi, Aichi 489-0889 Phone: 0561-82-0110
Fax: 0561-85-1363
【Jurisdictional District】 Seto Shi
Police Station

Kasugai Police Station

2-43-1 Hattacho, Kasugai Shi, Aichi 486-0849 Phone: 0568-56-0110
Fax: 0568-56-3080
【Jurisdictional District】 Kasugai Shi ( Except for JASDF Komaki Airbase and Nagoya Air Port Area )
Police Station

Komaki Police Station

1-9 Komaki, Komaki Shi, Aichi 485-0041 Phone: 0568-72-0110
Fax: 0568-76-9453
【Jurisdictional District】 Komaki Shi ( Except for Nagoya Air Port Area ), Kasugai Shi ( JASDF Komaki Airbase Area ), Toyoyama Cho ( JASDF Komaki Airbase Area )
Police Station

Nishibiwajima Police Station

32-2 Nishibiwajimacho Benten, Kiyosu Shi, Aichi 452-0006 Phone: 052-501-0110
Fax: 052-501-0459
【Jurisdictional District】 Kiyosu Shi, Kitanagoya Shi, Toyoyama Cho ( Except for JASDF Komaki Airbase ), Nagoya Shi ( Kita Ku [ Nagoya Air Port Area ] ), Kasugai Shi( Nagoya Air Port Area ), Komaki Shi ( Nagoya Air Port Area )
Police Station

Konan Police Station

23 Kigacho Daimon, Konan Shi, Aichi 483-8233 Phone: 0587-56-0110
Fax: 0587-56-0881
【Jurisdictional District】 Konan Shi, Iwakura Shi, Oguchi Cho
Police Station

Inuyama Police Station

2-1 Matsumotocho, Inuyama Shi, Aichi 484-0086 Phone: 0568-61-0110
Fax: 0568-61-8654
【Jurisdictional District】 Inuyama Shi, Fuso Cho
Police Station

Ichinomiya Police Station

1-6-20 Hommachi, Ichinomiya Shi, Aichi 491-0859 Phone: 0586-24-0110
Fax: 0586-24-0750
【Jurisdictional District】 Ichinomiya Shi
Police Station

Inazawa Police Station

15-5 Asabucho, Inazawa Shi, Aichi 492-8268 Phone: 0587-32-0110
Fax: 0587-24-3422
【Jurisdictional District】 Inazawa Shi
Police Station

Tsushima Police Station

500-1 Suwamachi Ikeume, Tsushima Shi, Aichi 496-8011 Phone: 0567-24-0110
Fax: 0567-28-4151
【Jurisdictional District】 Tsushima Shi, Aisai Shi, Ama Shi, Oharu Cho
Police Station

Kanie Police Station

3-225 Tomiyoshi, Kanie-cho, Ama-Gun, Aichi 498-0003 Phone: 0567-95-0110
Fax: 0567-96-7075
【Jurisdictional District】 Yatomi Shi, Kanie Cho, Tobishima Mura
Police Station

Handa Police Station

1-31 Deguchicho, Handa Shi, Aichi 475-0903 Phone: 0569-21-0110
Fax: 0569-24-0110
【Jurisdictional District】 Handa Shi, Agui Cho, Taketoyo Cho, Higashiura Cho, Mihama Cho, Minamichita Cho
Police Station

Tokai Police Station

52-1 Yokosukamachi Tenposhinden, Tokai Shi, Aichi 477-0036 Phone: 0562-33-0110
Fax: 0562-32-9543
【Jurisdictional District】 Tokai Shi, Obu Shi
Police Station

Chita Police Station

31-1 Midorimachi, Chita Shi, Aichi 478-0047 Phone: 0562-36-0110
Fax: 0562-36-0113
【Jurisdictional District】 Chita Shi
Police Station

Tokoname Police Station

5-57 Shinkaicho, Tokoname Shi, Aichi 479-0837 Phone: 0569-35-0110
Fax: 0569-34-9198
【Jurisdictional District】 Tokoname Shi ( Except for Centrair )
Chubu Air Port
Police Station

Chubu Air Port Police Station

3-8-3 Centrair, Tokoname Shi, Aichi 479-0881 Phone: 0569-38-0110
Fax: 0569-38-0121
【Jurisdictional District】 Tokoname Shi ( Centrair )
Police Station

Kariya Police Station

1-302 Kotobukicho, Kariya Shi, Aichi 448-0856 Phone: 0566-22-0110
Fax: 0566-24-6406
【Jurisdictional District】 Kariya Shi
Police Station

Hekinan Police Station

26-1 Matsumotomachi, Hekinan Shi, Aichi 447-0878 Phone: 0566-46-0110
Fax: 0566-48-0110
【Jurisdictional District】 Hekinan Shi, Takahama Shi
Police Station

Anjo Police Station

117 Yokoyamacho Shimokegachi, Anjo Shi, Aichi 446-0045 Phone: 0566-76-0110
Fax: 0566-76-0010
【Jurisdictional District】 Anjo Shi, Chiryu Shi
Police Station

Nishio Police Station

21-1 Kumamicho Kitajugoya, Nishio Shi, Aichi 445-0071 Phone: 0563-57-0110
Fax: 0563-57-8474
【Jurisdictional District】 Nishio Shi
Police Station

Okazaki Police Station

4-1 Meidaijicho Zenizutsumi, Okazaki Shi, Aichi 444-0864 Phone: 0564-58-0110
Fax: 0564-58-0116
【Jurisdictional District】 Okazaki Shi, Kota Cho
Police Station

Toyota Police Station

1-59-1 Nishikicho, Toyota Shi, Aichi 471-0877 Phone: 0565-35-0110
Fax: 0565-35-0330
【Jurisdictional District】 A part of Toyota Shi, Miyoshi Shi
Police Station

Asuke Police Station

6-4 Yagamicho Nakata, Toyota Shi, Aichi 444-2351 Phone: 0565-62-0110
Fax: 0565-62-0099
【Jurisdictional District】 A part of Toyota Shi
Police Station

Shitara Police Station

6-2 Taguchi Kogaitsu, Shitara Cho, Kitashitara Gun, Aichi 441-2301 Phone: 0536-62-0110
Fax: 0536-62-0600
【Jurisdictional District】 Shitara Cho, Toei Cho, Toyone Mura
Police Station

Shinshiro Police Station

349-2 Katayama, Shinshiro Shi, Aichi 441-1354 Phone: 0536-22-0110
Fax: 0536-22-1900
【Jurisdictional District】 Shinshiro Shi
Police Station

Toyokawa Police Station

3-245 Suwa, Toyokawa Shi, Aichi 442-0068 Phone: 0533-89-0110
Fax: 0533-89-9164
【Jurisdictional District】 Toyokawa Shi
Police Station

Gamagori Police Station

3-12 Midorimachi, Gamagori Shi, Aichi 443-0048 Phone: 0533-68-0110
Fax: 0533-68-7900
【Jurisdictional District】 Gamagori Shi
Police Station

Toyohashi Police Station

3-8 Hatchodori, Toyohashi Shi, Aichi 440-8503 Phone: 0532-54-0110
Fax: 0532-54-9970
【Jurisdictional District】 Toyohashi Shi
Police Station

Tahara Police Station

8-2 Kajicho Higashitenjin, Tahara Shi, Aichi 441-3427 Phone: 0531-23-0110
Fax: 0531-22-9737
【Jurisdictional District】 Tahara Shi

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